Mothers day sorted with slate house signs

Mothers day done with slate house signs
Normally I am struggling like hell about what to get the mum with everything but she gave me a clue and I have just ordered slate house signs for her. She dropped the massive hint when we met up at the garden centre near us to get a coffee and piece of cake. I was so glad she did as I hate trawling around trying to find something but never really knowing whether or not she will like it or not.
As we wondered through the centre, me nursing a hell of a hangover after the night before’s awesome gig that included a free bar she stopped at some house signs and said that she really wanted one but hated the plastic looking ones we saw. She said her mum had a real slate one which she always loved but she had not been able to find one in the places she had looked.

I went line to order slate house signs

It didn’t take long to find the perfect mothers day present online as I found a great website that allowed me to design the sign from scratch, and best of all only took a few minutes to sort. She had described Nan’s signs and so I picked gold leaf letters and a rustic finish but the choice was good to be fair from modern to ye olde world looking.
Once the design was done I paid and the signs are due in under a week and so I will be done and dusted with days to spare unlike the usual Saturday morning rush around like a headless chicken.
Now thats done and I am son of the century in waiting I can get back to the serious business of writing some new songs for the band, safe in the knowledge that Mothers day is in the bag and I am going to get spoilt with a Mum’s sunday lunch.

Self designed card to go with slate house signs

As another special treat I have painted Mum a picture too and a mate of mine has offered to transfer the design onto a Mothers Day card for me. She loves my painting and this one is of a landscape thats she is particularly fond of near to where her Mum lives. It has taken me weeks on and off to get it right and I am pretty happy where it is at the moment.
I do love to paint bizarrely when I am hung over on a Sunday morning is when I tend to do some of my best work and I started this landscape in a right state after a gig that went into the early hours. It should be finished this weekend as another big night awaits as its my best friends Birthday weekend and that is always incredibly messy to say the least.
All that is now left to do is wait until Monday for the slate house signs to arrive and I am 100% ready for Mothers day with a week to spare, what a son!

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